4 Ways People In Columbia, MO Unclog Their Drains

Okay, so maybe being in Colum­bia isn’t any dif­fer­ent than being on Mars (wait a minute…gravity…oh yea).  I digress.  I cam across this image below and it was pretty telling:

4 ways to unclog your sink as an infographic

So, there’s 4 ways that peo­ple try to fix a clogged drain.

1) Use the plunger:  That will work for awhile.

2) Try a coat hanger:  May also work for awhile, but you can also dam­age your drain permanently.

3) Bak­ing soda and vine­gar:  This might loosen up some hard­ened fat from old food, but it won’t per­ma­nently fix a clogged drain.

4) Bak­ing soda and salt:  That’s like #3 above, only less effective.

You see, snaking a drain is the only way that you can com­pletely unclog a sink or drain with issues.  The only caveat is, if there’s some­thing per­ma­nently lodged in there replace­ment could be the only remedy.

So, this was a neat info­graphic, but mostly com­mon sense and a dose of wives tales.  Plumbers in Colum­bia MO will tell you that if it were that easy, they wouldn’t get as many calls from frus­trated house­wives whose hus­bands had tried one of the above for the ump-teenth time!

There’s a lot of myth out there about how easy it is to be a DIY’er when it comes to your plumb­ing, drains or even HVAC repair. It’s not as easy as it looks.  We’re all for sav­ing you money…we just want to make sure you know the facts before you try it on your own : )  Happy fixin’ everyone!


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