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Dealing With Summer Plumbing Emergencies

A funny picture of a plumbing leak!

Sum­mer can bring it’s own spe­cial brand of plumb­ing emer­gen­cies. Here’s a few below, and how to han­dle them… 1) Scald­ing hot water — Boil­ing or scald­ing water is an emer­gency for many rea­sons. If you have chil­dren, you need to

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Furnace Repair Season Is Here!

Look, the weather is turn­ing, it’s gor­geous outside…but that doesn’t last long here in Colum­bia. Right on it’s tail is the nasty, long and absurdly cold win­ters that we’re all accus­tomed to. So, get pre­pared. Make sure that your HVAC

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The High Cost Of Cheap Plumbing

Cheap plumb­ing is often times expen­sive in the long run Plumb­ing.  It’s a dirty word. And it’s a dirty job. Most peo­ple try to take the path of least resis­tance and just hire cheap plumbers. Oth­ers opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) plumb­ing,

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The Basic Components Of Your Home’s Plumbing

The basic com­po­nents of your home’s plumb­ing I came across a great video resource that I want to share with you.  This video high­lights the very basic com­po­nents of your home’s inter­nal plumb­ing sys­tem. Now, every home is dif­fer­ent, and

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5 Dumb Things People Do To Their Plumbing

Let’s face it, we all make mis­takes (more than we’d like to admit most likely).  How­ever, there’s a few basic plumb­ing mis­takes that every­one should avoid.  Below is a short list of 5 dumb things that peo­ple do to their

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Practical bathroom plumbing design

Click this dia­gram to expand and see the impor­tant ele­ments of its func­tional design Prac­ti­cal Bath­room Plumb­ing Design This is a basic bath­room plumb­ing design run­ning under the floor and into a drain. This view can show how easy it

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