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What To Do When Your Pipes Freeze In Winter

burst pipes are shown on a table with big ruptures.

Win­ters here in Mis­souri can be a real witch. It can play hell on older water pipes, espe­cially cop­per pipes. They do burst from time to time once they freeze. And that really bites. Frozen water pipes burst because the water

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Plumbing Emergency Kits For Columbia Mo

plumbing emergency kits available

At A1 Plumb­ing, Heat­ing & Cool­ing we always have our cus­tomers best inter­est at heart first and fore­most. If you can Dot It Your­self, you should. With that said, many jobs are just too tricky for the home improve­ment novice,

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Dealing With Winter Plumbing Issues

Well, the throws of win­ter are upon us. We want to make sure that you don’t incur any unnec­es­sary prob­lems with your plumb­ing (yes, we make a liv­ing off of help­ing peo­ple just like you with plumb­ing emergencies…but we want

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Spring Means Faucet Repair For Columbia Homeowners

With Spring finally being here, it’s time to water the lawn.  What?  Your out­side faucet is busted, leak­ing or oth­er­wise shot?  Don’t worry, it’s not that uncom­mon. The rea­son that your water pipes bust open or crack is because water expands as

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The High Cost Of Cheap Plumbing

Cheap plumb­ing is often times expen­sive in the long run Plumb­ing.  It’s a dirty word. And it’s a dirty job. Most peo­ple try to take the path of least resis­tance and just hire cheap plumbers. Oth­ers opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) plumb­ing,

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The Best Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Videos Around

The best DIY and How-To plumb­ing videos around We’ve said it before and will con­tinue to say it…we want to help peo­ple in and around Colum­bia, MO save money on plumb­ing main­te­nance and repair. Sure, it’s what we do for

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The Basic Components Of Your Home’s Plumbing

The basic com­po­nents of your home’s plumb­ing I came across a great video resource that I want to share with you.  This video high­lights the very basic com­po­nents of your home’s inter­nal plumb­ing sys­tem. Now, every home is dif­fer­ent, and

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Why Using A Licensed Plumber Is Important

Why Using A Licensed Plumber is Impor­tant I’ve been asked recently if hav­ing a plumb­ing license (and being insured) is impor­tant.  The short answer is “yes”.  But I’m not let­ting you off that easy.…it’s impor­tant to remem­ber that plumb­ing prob­lems

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The Hidden Cost Of Leaks In Your Home

Does your shower tend to leak, even just a lit­tle bit, after you turn off the water?  Most peo­ple don’t even think about it, and why should they?  It’s harm­less right???  It might seem insignif­i­cant, but a shower head that

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Practical bathroom plumbing design

Click this dia­gram to expand and see the impor­tant ele­ments of its func­tional design Prac­ti­cal Bath­room Plumb­ing Design This is a basic bath­room plumb­ing design run­ning under the floor and into a drain. This view can show how easy it

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