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When to call for emergency A/C repair

a young man stays cool with a fan as their AC is out for emergency repair

When to Call for Emer­gency AC Repair in Colum­bia Mis­souri You can never tell when an air con­di­tioner is going to run into trou­ble, no mat­ter how old or new it is. We are due for another scorcher of a

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Plumbing Emergency Kits For Columbia Mo

plumbing emergency kits available

At A1 Plumb­ing, Heat­ing & Cool­ing we always have our cus­tomers best inter­est at heart first and fore­most. If you can Dot It Your­self, you should. With that said, many jobs are just too tricky for the home improve­ment novice,

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My life as an emergency plumber

Do you know what it’s like to get a call at 2 a.m. in the mid­dle of win­ter because someone’s pipes broke? Or at 5 a.m. in the mid­dle of sum­mer because heavy rains flooded a base­ment with a backed-up

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Videos: How To Repair Your Water Heater

Like we always say, “teach a man to fish”… …with that said, here’s a video series of the best of youtube on hot water heater repair and ser­vice.  Enjoy! Not sure this is what you need? Look­ing for pro­fes­sional help in

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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner In Columbia MO

When is the right time to replace my Air Con­di­tioner? There’s a few com­mon tell-tale warn­ing signs that you’re cool­ing equip­ment needs to hit the scrap pile.  We’re fans of sav­ing as much as pos­si­ble and squeez­ing every penny out

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Plumbers Toolkit: Terms To Be Familiar With

Have you ever hired a local plumb­ing pro­fes­sional and then not under­stood what in the hell they were talk­ing about when they got to your home?  Hope­fully not, but if so, here’s a few impor­tant plumb­ing terms to help you

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4 Ways People In Columbia, MO Unclog Their Drains

Okay, so maybe being in Colum­bia isn’t any dif­fer­ent than being on Mars (wait a minute…gravity…oh yea).  I digress.  I cam across this image below and it was pretty telling: So, there’s 4 ways that peo­ple try to fix a

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The Best Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Videos Around

The best DIY and How-To plumb­ing videos around We’ve said it before and will con­tinue to say it…we want to help peo­ple in and around Colum­bia, MO save money on plumb­ing main­te­nance and repair. Sure, it’s what we do for

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Advice from a local plumber

Take some advice from a local plumber (me)… I’ve been work­ing on plumb­ing, heat­ing & cool­ing for more than 20 years.  Dur­ing that time  I’ve seen a lot of the same prob­lems, heard a lot of the same sto­ries and

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How To Avoid Getting Water In Your Basement

Prep Your Home To Avoid Water In Your Base­ment If you’ve ever had water in your base­ment after heavy rains or after snow melts, you know just how frus­trat­ing (and expen­sive) it can be to clean up. Most peo­ple call

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