Common Furnace Issues in Columbia Missouri

If you’re a home­owner or renter in Colum­bia, MO and you’re hav­ing prob­lems with your fur­nace, you can usu­ally tie it back to one of the issues below. Here’s the list as we see it:

  1. Poor main­te­nance: If you don’t reg­u­larly inspect and tune up your fur­nace that could cause unex­pected prob­lems and break­downs. These rou­tine inspec­tions and clean ups can really help the appli­ance run more effi­ciently in the cold months of the year.
  2. Dirty fil­ters: Hav­ing really dirty or clogged up air fil­ters reduces the units air­flow, mak­ing a fur­nace work harder to cir­cu­late clean air in your home. Some­times a clogged fil­ter may dam­age your limit switch, which oper­ates the fan.
  3. Igni­tion and Pilot prob­lems: You may have a faulty igni­tion switch or pilot, and that could make it dif­fi­cult to heat your home or apart­ment. This is not a sim­ple fix, but it can be sim­ple to diag­nose. If it’s more than that, it may be time to con­sider replac­ing your fur­nace.
  4. Fre­quent cycling: Cycling the unit between its on and off modes may indi­cate a clogged fil­ter, improper air­flow or a bad ther­mo­stat set­ting. Cycling back and forth long enough will wear all the com­po­nents down. It’s also unnerv­ing to hear the unit kick on and off in the mid­dle of the night.
  5. The blower wont stop run­ning: Blower issues are always big in the early months of win­ter. A prob­lem with the limit switch, which a pro­fes­sional may need to replace, can often cure this.

Long story short, if you’re the DIY type, you may be able to trou­ble shoot some of this. How­ever, if you’re hav­ing HVAC issues or need a pro­fes­sional to repair your fur­nace, please give us a call. We’re open 24/7, even on hol­i­days. And we don’t do any­thing except plumb­ing and HVAC repairs and replace­ments. You can count on us…

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