Drain Cleaning Services For Columbia Mo

Part of being a licensed local plumber is being able to clean clogged drains, sinks and bath tubs.  We provide drain cleaning services for all of the greater Columbia area.  This includes both residential and commercial drains.  We’re open 24/7 every day of the week for any plumbing emergency.

We strongly advise against using liquid drain cleaners and clog removers, especially if you live  in an older home that has a metal plumbing system.  These strong corrosive cleaners will  eventually destroy your pipes, and lead to an expensive bill.

Advice For DIY Drain Cleaning

We also suggest attempting to use a plunger to de-clog your drain.  However, aggressive plunging can bring hazardous materials into contact with your family.  Feel free to call us anytime if you need professional plumbing services.  

You can also watch a short video on how to try and unclog your drain by yourself.

Heavy drain clogs are a result of excess hair, foreign objects like coins or plastic toys, and even too much soap residue.  Over time, all of these add up to a clog that requires professional drain cleaning services.

More Than Just Cleaning Drains

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency please call us today.  We’re the preferred drain cleaners in all of Columbia, and our strong five-star feedback supports that claim. But we’re more than just experienced drain cleaning service providers. We’re the top Columbia plumber, the most tenured HVAC repairman the area’s best air conditioning repair team. Also, we’re licensed, insured and offer the best value in the area.

We’ve been serving the Columbia, Missouri area for more than 20 years.  We pride ourselves on exceptional service, fair prices and quick response times when your drains need cleaned, or if you have any other sort of plumbing emergency.