How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner In Columbia MO

When is the right time to replace my Air Conditioner?

an air conditioning unit is replaced in columbia missouriThere’s a few com­mon tell-tale warn­ing signs that you’re cool­ing equip­ment needs to hit the scrap pile.  We’re fans of sav­ing as much as pos­si­ble and squeez­ing every penny out of old equip­ment, but here’s a great list. It may be time to call a pro­fes­sional AC  replace­ment com­pany to help you get up to today’s stan­dards if any of the below are true:

Your HVAC sys­tem or air con­di­tion­ing unit is more than ten years old.

More than 10 years old?  It’s a crap-out wait­ing to hap­pen.  You should con­sider replac­ing it with a unit that has an ENERGY STAR label. These will save you money, as  these high effi­ciency units can save up to 20 per­cent on heat­ing and cool­ing costs ver­sus older mod­els.  Those costs over just a few years pays for the new equipment.

Your fur­nace is more than 15 years old.

Same deal as above. Con­sider replac­ing with an ENERGY STAR fur­nace, these are 15% more effi­cient than a con­ven­tional fur­nace and add value to your home. It makes sense to replace both if you are going to replace your A/C as well.

Rooms in your house get too hot or too cold.

Old equip­ment plus older homes can meed irreg­u­lar tem­per­a­tures. This can also be a result of duct prob­lems or inad­e­quate insu­la­tion, but more than likely you just need a new AC unit.

Your home has humid­ity problems.

Poor equip­ment, air con­di­tion­ers about to crap out and poor instal­la­tion can lead to humid­ity issues. You’ll notice this in the sum­mer more than anything.

Your house is dusty.

Leaky ducts can pull par­ti­cles and air from attics, crawl spaces and base­ments and dis­trib­ute them through­out your house. Seal­ing your ducts may be a solu­tion. But more than likely, it’s your AC fil­ter not work­ing properly.

Your heat­ing or cool­ing sys­tem is noisy.

When things start ban­gin’, it’s a good sign that they are going to stop work­ing soon.  Save your­self the headache and get a good, new AC unit installed.

When you need it done right and right now, call us!

We’ve been serv­ing the greater Colum­bia area for a long, long time. We’re plumb­ing experts, and we also spe­cial­ize in HVAC work and garbage dis­posal repair.  If you need help, and you need it now, call us any­time 24/7.  Go Mizzou!


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