Know When To Hire A Local Plumber

Hello again from the heart of Columbia Missouri! This post is about knowing when to hire a local plumber. The right guy (like me) can save you a ton of money in the long run, and save some frustration in the short term as well. You should hire a plumber when the problem is extensive and requires expertise to work through a larger issue, or when there’s a a real risk of screwing up your home worse than it already is. And in the dead of winter…you don’t want to have costly or time consuming issues. Trust me.

So when the following problems arise, it’s best to call a local, professional (ie, licensed) plumber. That’s me. Keep this website and my phone number handy for any plumbing emergencies.

What type of things should you call me for? Here’s a few:

5 dumb things people do to their plumbingLow water pressure: This problem might just be a little rust or a giant hair ball in your main water lines; or it could be low water pressure from the city supply or a sing that a well is drying up. A good plumber will be able to analyze the problem and determine the cause, especially if you tried some DIY magic before and messed up the plumbing design.

Busted hot water heater: Think twice before attempting to replace a water heater in your home or business. Remember, your fully trained local plumber can carry the new one to the basement for you, set it up correctly, make sure that it works properly, and toss the old one. No problem. You risk getting burned or hurting yourself otherwise.

Loss of hot water: Nobody likes a cold shower in the winter. If the hot water tank is leaking, it might be hard to determine the cause if you aren’t a pro. Leave it to Columbia’s most trusted plumber.

Frozen pipes: This will happen. It sounds like a nightmare scenario, but if a pipe freezes, check carefully to see if the pipe has already burst or cracked. If so, I’m your guy. If NOT, you still might want to give me a call! You can try to thaw a pipe with a hair dryer, but even if the pipe isn’t cracked visibly, it may not be structurally sound any more.

It’s Saturday and the Tigers are on TV and you can’t flush without backing up the sink: We won’t even expand on this beyond saying…just pick up the phone. LOL

Regardless of if it’s a clogged garbage disposal that needs repaired, busted pipes from the cold or general HVAC Maintenance, A1 Columbia Plumbing is your trusted resource for 24/7 emergency service, fast response and always fair prices. Call us any time, you know when to hire a local plumber (and that’s whenever you need a plumbing pro)!

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