Know When To Hire A Local Plumber

Hello again from the heart of Colum­bia Mis­souri! This post is about know­ing when to hire a local plumber. The right guy (like me) can save you a ton of money in the long run, and save some frus­tra­tion in the short term as well. You should hire a plumber when the prob­lem is exten­sive and requires exper­tise to work through a larger issue, or when there’s a a real risk of screw­ing up your home worse than it already is. And in the dead of winter…you don’t want to have costly or time con­sum­ing issues. Trust me.

So when the fol­low­ing prob­lems arise, it’s best to call a local, pro­fes­sional (ie, licensed) plumber. That’s me. Keep this web­site and my phone num­ber handy for any plumb­ing emer­gen­cies.

What type of things should you call me for? Here’s a few:

5 dumb things people do to their plumbingLow water pres­sure: This prob­lem might just be a lit­tle rust or a giant hair ball in your main water lines; or it could be low water pres­sure from the city sup­ply or a sing that a well is dry­ing up. A good plumber will be able to ana­lyze the prob­lem and deter­mine the cause, espe­cially if you tried some DIY magic before and messed up the plumb­ing design.

Busted hot water heater: Think twice before attempt­ing to replace a water heater in your home or busi­ness. Remem­ber, your fully trained local plumber can carry the new one to the base­ment for you, set it up cor­rectly, make sure that it works prop­erly, and toss the old one. No prob­lem. You risk get­ting burned or hurt­ing your­self otherwise.

Loss of hot water: Nobody likes a cold shower in the win­ter. If the hot water tank is leak­ing, it might be hard to deter­mine the cause if you aren’t a pro. Leave it to Columbia’s most trusted plumber.

Frozen pipes: This will hap­pen. It sounds like a night­mare sce­nario, but if a pipe freezes, check care­fully to see if the pipe has already burst or cracked. If so, I’m your guy. If NOT, you still might want to give me a call! You can try to thaw a pipe with a hair dryer, but even if the pipe isn’t cracked vis­i­bly, it may not be struc­turally sound any more.

It’s Sat­ur­day and the Tigers are on TV and you can’t flush with­out back­ing up the sink: We won’t even expand on this beyond saying…just pick up the phone. LOL

Regard­less of if it’s a clogged garbage dis­posal that needs repaired, busted pipes from the cold or gen­eral HVAC Main­te­nance, A1 Colum­bia Plumb­ing is your trusted resource for 24/7 emer­gency ser­vice, fast response and always fair prices. Call us any time, you know when to hire a local plumber (and that’s when­ever you need a plumb­ing pro)!

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