Plumbing Emergency Kits For Columbia Mo

a local plumber provides drain cleaning service during a disposal repairAt A1 Plumb­ing, Heat­ing & Cool­ing we always have our cus­tomers best inter­est at heart first and fore­most. If you can Dot It Your­self, you should. With that said, many jobs are just too tricky for the home improve­ment novice, and that’s where we come in. How­ever, as the old say­ing goes “and ounce of pre­ven­tion is worth a pound of cure”. With that in mind let’s look at what you should have in your plumb­ing emer­gency kit in case there’s an issue in your home or apart­ment. Items should include:

  • A sturdy five gal­lon bucket as a tool holder. Also dou­bles a repos­i­tory if a leak springs mid-project, it’ll catch the water. A tool caddy can also be attached to the bucket pro­vid­ing a place for every­thing you’ll need dur­ing the repair process.
  • Keep a good old fash­ioned reg­u­lar plunger handy at all times. A plunger has its own spe­cific use (you know what that is) and pro­vides extra “umph” if you have a tough clog deep down in your pipes.
  • A bun­dle of old shirts or other rags will help clean up water from small leaks, pair with duct tape so you can cover any small leaks on the out­side or exte­rior while you trou­ble shoot the problem.
  • Wrenches. Var­i­ous sizes and types. A pair of medium sized slip joint pli­ers and an adjustable wrench should cover most jobs, along with your col­lec­tion of var­i­ous sized wrenches. Always a valu­able set of items!
  • Sim­i­lar to wrenches, Allen Keys are a must. An assort­ment of Allen keys is very handy and can save your bacon in a plumb­ing pinch!
  • Small and medium sized screw­drivers are impor­tant as well. A multi-bit screw­driver can reduce the num­ber of tools that need to be car­ried around on the job, and the smaller sizes can fit in tight joints and sup­pressed areas.
  • A vari­ety of blind caps can help you see your way through repair­ing a bro­ken valve. No blind cap? Make sure and have high-powered flash­lights as well as smaller flash­lights for recessed areas.

So, as you can see, you might spend more on your plumb­ing emer­gency kits than you would on the repair itself. If that’s your sit­u­a­tion, give us a call today for even the small­est plumb­ing emer­gency.

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