When To Replace Your Old Furnace

When the wind picks up, it’s time to start look­ing at your old fur­nace.  Pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance is always a good idea.  Plus, it can help answer the impor­tant ques­tion of “when is it time to buy a new one?”

Well, it’s def­i­nitely time to buy a new fur­nace if your handy­man iden­ti­fies some­thing in the heat exchanger that makes the fur­nace unsafe or poten­tially unre­li­able. Often times those types of prob­lems can cause you to call for emer­gency fur­nace repair in the dead of win­ter – and that’s both expen­sive and stress­ful for you and your fam­ily. So get it looked at now.  Find­ing out ahead of time saves you money, headaches and peace of mind.

Colum­bia fur­nace repairs are cheaper than in some other parts of Mis­souri, but it could also be time to buy a new fur­nace if the cost of repairs out­weighs the cost of buy­ing a brand new unit. If your old fur­nace isn’t cov­ered by a great war­ranty, or any war­ranty at all, then you’re pos­si­bly on the hook for the entire bill once it melts down. Some fur­nace com­po­nents are expen­sive to replace also, espe­cially if they’re out­dated or hard to find, which is why war­ranties are so impor­tant in the first place. Add up the money you’re spend­ing on repairs, either at one time or span­ning the next sev­eral win­ters. If the poten­tial repairs out­weigh the cost of replace­ment, even by a lit­tle, then it’s time to buy a new fur­nace (sorry buddy).  Even if it’s close to even, the energy sav­ings and over­all effi­ciency might make a new fur­nace the right deci­sion.  The upgrades to effi­ciency in the past decade are tremen­dous also. Buy­ing a new fur­nace to replace one that’s more than 20 years old can make a huge dif­fer­ence on your util­ity bills. The sav­ings are espe­cially notice­able dur­ing really cold or extended winters.

The over­all age of your unit is a con­sid­er­a­tion also.  Fur­naces only have so many on-and-off cycles in them before they bite the dust. When the parts get some age to them, they tend to go out pretty damn quick and require far more main­te­nance to keep them up and run­ning. Old parts aren’t stocked many places either.  After so many years, some ven­dors and deal­ers phase out cer­tain parts or carry the bare min­i­mum of inven­tory – which can put you in a bind in the dead of win­ter. Replac­ing a fur­nace is some­times a neces­sity if your par­tic­u­lar model is no longer man­u­fac­tured, espe­cially since fur­nace parts are brand spe­cific. Unfor­tu­nately, it’s not always pos­si­ble to install a cheaper part from a com­pet­ing or generic brand.

Not every­one has the lux­ury to wait at home or the flex­i­bil­ity to miss work for a ser­vice call. Plus, if the parts aren’t avail­able or hard to find, you’ll be stuck in the cold or run­ning space heaters until you can replace your fur­nace or get emer­gency repairs completed.

With that said…9 times out of 10, it’ll save you money if you just make a minor repair to your exist­ing HVAC unit ver­sus buy­ing a new one.  I know, I know…everything writ­ten above points to buy­ing new.  But costs are going up and many times you’ll need to replace more than just your fur­nace and blower to keep your full HVAC sys­tem com­pat­i­ble.  So if you are in Colum­bia, MO and in need of a fur­nace repair­man, give us a call!  We do great work, and are always ready to lend a help­ing hand.

Oh, and if you think you might want to try your hand at fix­ing your fur­nace on your own, check out this video!



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