Sewer Clean­ing Ser­vices For Colum­bia Mo

Call A1 colum­bia plumb­ing for all your sewer clean­ing needs. We have been doing busi­ness in Colum­bia for over 25 years ser­vic­ing res­i­den­tial and busi­nesses sewer issues. There is not job to small or to big and we are on call 24 hour 7 days a week. Don’t be both­ered by nasty sewer problems.

We strongly advise against using liq­uid drain clean­ers and clog removers, espe­cially if you live  in an older home that has a metal plumb­ing sys­tem.  These strong cor­ro­sive clean­ers will  even­tu­ally destroy your pipes, and lead to an expen­sive bill.

Advice For DIY Drain Clean­ing From Customer

I recently had an issue with my base­ment back­ing up. Wak­ing up to sewer ris­ing up from the drain is not some­thing I was really excited about. I tried pump­ing the water out. This is not fun. First walk­ing through all the sewer water, then drain­ing the sewer water out some where required me to buy a sump pump. Well that didn’t fix the issue. Next I bought a snake and I tried to snake the drain my self. I didn’t real­ize the pipes where led pipes and I punched right through the pipe in my base­ment.  I tried snaking the drain my self. After my failed attempts, I called A1 Plumb­ing to fix the issue. I wish I would have called them in the first place. I would have saved a lot of money and time. The fixed the pipe I broke, and cleaned the sewer lines in just a few hours.