Affordable Air Conditioner Repair / HVAC Repair

When you’re looking for the best air conditioning repair service in Columbia, MO, choose the professionals at A1 Columbia Plumbing, Heating & AC.  We’ve been in business for 20 years, and we’re the highest rated HVAC service and repair company in the area based on customer satisfaction! We specialize in:

Air conditioning repair in Columbia Missouri is a new TRANE unit


  • Air conditioning unit installation
  • AC unit repair and upgrade
  • Duct work and vent cleaning
  • Heat pump installation & repair
  • Humidifier installation & repair
  • Air cleaner and air purifier replacement
  • Air conditioning warranty work
  • Open Daily

We’re dedicated to providing the best in air conditioning repairs and replacement for the Columbia MO area.  Call us today at 573-449-7050. We’re open daily.

Don’t Forget Your
Air Conditioning Filter!

Is it time to change your air conditioning filter again?  As a local business, we’re interested in making money.  With that said, we want to help you avoid any unnecessary repairs.  Keeping your air filters clean and changed out frequently is a great way to avoid costly repairs, and to extend the life of your HVAC unit.  Air filters for both your heating and cooling system are very important.  However, if changing out filters isn’t helping you beat the summer heat, it may be time to give us a call.  Deciding between repairs for an older unit or the installation of a completely new one is easier when you have the help of a trusted professional.  Call us anytime at 573-449-7050, we’d love to help you decide!

Another very important job that your air conditioner filter does is helps to keep dust from collecting on the evaporator coil of your air conditioning system. It is located inside the air handler and is one of the four main components of any air conditioning system.

air conditioning service columbia mo shown as top rated check marks in greenReputation matters!

When you are choose an air conditioning professional in Columbia MO, make sure and choose one with a stellar reputation.  Make sure they’ve been in business for a long time and that they can provide you with referrals.  We pride ourselves on customer service and our flawless online feedback reflects that.  Call us today to find out what our satisfied customers already know…the pros at A1 Columbia Plumbing, Heating and AC get it done on time, on budget and with a smile! Call us today at 573-449-7050 and find out for yourself!

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