Sewer Cleaning Services For Columbia Mo

Call A1 columbia plumbing for all your sewer cleaning needs. We have been doing business in Columbia for over 25 years servicing residential and businesses sewer issues. There is not job to small or to big and we are on call 24 hour 7 days a week. Don’t be bothered by nasty sewer problems.

We strongly advise against using liquid drain cleaners and clog removers, especially if you live  in an older home that has a metal plumbing system.  These strong corrosive cleaners will  eventually destroy your pipes, and lead to an expensive bill.

Advice For DIY Drain Cleaning From Customer

I recently had an issue with my basement backing up. Waking up to sewer rising up from the drain is not something I was really excited about. I tried pumping the water out. This is not fun. First walking through all the sewer water, then draining the sewer water out some where required me to buy a sump pump. Well that didn’t fix the issue. Next I bought a snake and I tried to snake the drain my self. I didn’t realize the pipes where led pipes and I punched right through the pipe in my basement.  I tried snaking the drain my self. After my failed attempts, I called A1 Plumbing to fix the issue. I wish I would have called them in the first place. I would have saved a lot of money and time. The fixed the pipe I broke, and cleaned the sewer lines in just a few hours.