Plumbing Emergency Kits For Columbia Mo

a local plumber provides drain cleaning service during a disposal repairAt A1 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we always have our customers best interest at heart first and foremost. If you can Dot It Yourself, you should. With that said, many jobs are just too tricky for the home improvement novice, and that’s where we come in. However, as the old saying goes “and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. With that in mind let’s look at what you should have in your plumbing emergency kit in case there’s an issue in your home or apartment. Items should include:

  • A sturdy five gallon bucket as a tool holder. Also doubles a repository if a leak springs mid-project, it’ll catch the water. A tool caddy can also be attached to the bucket providing a place for everything you’ll need during the repair process.
  • Keep a good old fashioned regular plunger handy at all times. A plunger has its own specific use (you know what that is) and provides extra “umph” if you have a tough clog deep down in your pipes.
  • A bundle of old shirts or other rags will help clean up water from small leaks, pair with duct tape so you can cover any small leaks on the outside or exterior while you trouble shoot the problem.
  • Wrenches. Various sizes and types. A pair of medium sized slip joint pliers and an adjustable wrench should cover most jobs, along with your collection of various sized wrenches. Always a valuable set of items!
  • Similar to wrenches, Allen Keys are a must. An assortment of Allen keys is very handy and can save your bacon in a plumbing pinch!
  • Small and medium sized screwdrivers are important as well. A multi-bit screwdriver can reduce the number of tools that need to be carried around on the job, and the smaller sizes can fit in tight joints and suppressed areas.
  • A variety of blind caps can help you see your way through repairing a broken valve. No blind cap? Make sure and have high-powered flashlights as well as smaller flashlights for recessed areas.

So, as you can see, you might spend more on your plumbing emergency kits than you would on the repair itself. If that’s your situation, give us a call today for even the smallest plumbing emergency.

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