The Basic Components Of Your Home’s Plumbing

The basic components of your home’s plumbing

I came across a great video resource that I want to share with you.  This video highlights the very basic components of your home’s internal plumbing system.


Now, every home is different, and right here in Columbia we see a lot of older plans that don’t quite work the exact same way as what you see in some of these plumbing diagrams.  Still, this is a great resource tool just to understand the basics.

Great tip here…know where the water main shut off valve is leading into your house.

Water moves from a water supply line into the water heater, and then into your fixtures.  The larger the pipes, the greater the pressure.  Need more water pressure?  Get bigger pipes!

All the pipes flow into drain lines, and into a main stack.  Pay attention to the notes on having pipes tilt downward by an inch for every foot they travel.  This is a great intro into understanding where your water comes from, and where it goes.

a diagram of a home's basic plumbing design illustrated in color.

To the right you’ll also see a great diagram that breaks out how things connect in your bathroom.  This is the area that most people have plumbing problems with.  Understanding “where the water goes” is a great first step in understanding why something isn’t working.

Like we always say here at A1 Columbia Plumbing, Heating and Cooling…if you can do it yourself, save a few bucks!  But if you need a local plumber to do it right and do it fast, call us anytime!

We pride ourselves in being an area small business that uses only licensed plumbers to service your home or business.  The basic components of your homes plumbing are easy to understand, but if fixing them right isn’t so easy for you, please let us help you out.  We aim to please and we won’t let you d(r)own!

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