5 Dumb Things People Do To Their Plumbing

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes (more than we’d like to admit most likely).  However, there’s a few basic plumbing mistakes that everyone should avoid.  Below is a short list of 5 dumb things that people do to their plumbing.  Please, take the time to read on below and make sure that you aren’t doing any of the following.  We’d love to have your business, but not at the expense of one of these bonehead issues below : )

1) Joining different types of metal in your pipes – This is actually a very often overlooked issue for DIY plumbers.  Copper touching steel, for example,  creates a process called galvanic action.  This really speeds up the corrosion process, which in turn leads to leaks.  Adjoined metals need to utilize a dielectric union or a similar approved fitting.

2) Pouring cooking grease down the kitchen sink – I think just about everyone has done this at some point.  Just a little leftover bacon grease down the sink won’t hurt, right?  Wrong.   This type of grease is one of the leading causes of clogged drains…more so than excess soap, hair or solid materials.  Keep a container handy to pour excess grease into.  It’ll save you in the long run! It may also keep you from…

3) Using too much drain cleaner (or using it too often) – It’s easy to turn to liquid drain cleaner to fix clogs.  When used sparingly, it can save you a call to the local plumber.  When overdone, it will corrode even the sturdiest drain materials.  Even more upsetting to you can be the fact that it can make clogs WORSE instead of better.  Some drain cleaner can actually meld with the clogged materials and give you a real mess.  Use sparingly and with caution!

4) Drilling or cutting into walls near plumbing without checking – I’ve responded to a number of these calls so far this year.  “Help!  I cut into some drywall with an electric saw and now I’ve got Niagara Falls in my basement!”  Make sure and check for hidden vertical plumbing in any walls before you drill, nail or cut.  These emergency plumbing repairs are costly, and the collateral damage (such as soaked carpet pads or ruined paintings) can be even more devastating.

5) Leaving hoses attached during the winter – This one’s an oldie but a goodie!  It’s easy to skip this step when you’re winterizing your home.  As you probably know, leaving hoses out can cause freezing of the sillcock (a fancy term for outdoor faucet).  It can really be hard on your hoses too!  Good hoses can cost upwards of $40, so make sure and take them off and turn off the outside water for the winter.

5 dumb things people do to their plumbing

We’ve all felt like this before…


Like we always say “plumbing will go bad on its own, you don’t need to help it out!”  But, if you do, we’re just a phone call away!  Our 24/7 emergency phone number is 573-449-7050!


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