8 Things To Know Before Repairing Your Air Conditioner

Columbians, fellow Missourians…the time is near. Spring time, that is. And with spring time comes a brief pause before we get to brutal summer. This is a time to check, repair and replace your air conditioner. Here’s a great list of 10 things to consider before it’s “oh crap, this doesn’t work” time…

1. Look at your thermostat. Is it outdated? You could save money and energy by installing a newer, programmable thermostat in your home or apartment.

2. Check your ductwork for wear, which could be a source of cooling loss or inefficiency in the home.

3. Check the drain line. There is a drain by the indoor cooling coil, typically mounted above the furnace in the basement. How does it look? Is it leaking? Is it frayed? 


4. Change your air filter. The filter should be changed every three months (or as recommended by the manufacturer) and definitely before the start of a new cooling or heating season. If you don’t get this done before summer, you may suffer!


Let’s take this time to rememberOutdoor Equipment Your System Won’t Run Without Power!

5. Inspect the outdoor condenser unit. Make sure that you don’t have blockage in or near the equipment and clean the area around the unit. Leaves, vines or debris can block the interior components and affect performance.

6. Visually check the refrigerant lines. The lines should be insulated. Proper insulation will improve the efficiency of the system. Repairs to the insulation or refrigerant lines should be done by a professional.

7. Check to make sure there is no wear on the outdoor electrical wiring. If you see damage or wear, call a professional for service before using your system.

8. Know when your air conditioner may be nearing retirement age. Air conditioners have a life span. Even if your unit has been properly maintained, it will eventually wear out. That’s when it’s time to call us.

Remember, we are always open, 24/7. Even on Holidays. If you have air conditioner repair needs, please contact us anytime!

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