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Waking up in the morning getting ready for work and find out your kids have flushed the entire house down the toilet and now it’s clogged up! What do you do?!?! Drain cleaning is not an easy task and if you don’t have the right tools you may never get the drain cleaned or you get a tool that’s to big and you cause more damage breaking pipes in the wall. Let’s not even think about the time it might take you to plunge away praying the clogged drain will give. At A1 Columbia Plumbing Heating & AC we are able to quickly fix the problem and get your house back on track without making a bigger message because we know your time is important and you have other priorities.

Chemical drain cleaner may clear away the clog, but at what cost? If you have to turn to the bottle of drain cleaner on a regular basis, you may actually be weakening and damaging your pipes. Leave drain cleaning to the professional drain cleaner at A1 Columbia Plumbing Heating & AC

Why? Drain cleaner use a caustic chemical to dissolve the clog. This works well, but the problem is that the chemical reaction taking place inside your drains can actually create heat. Heat softens PVC pipe, and can also lead to corrosion of older metal pipes.

This is bad enough, but sometimes drain cleaners don’t work. When the chemicals sit in your drain, you have a serious problem. These chemicals are highly likely to hurt the pipes as they sit, unmoving, in the pipe. Now, if you pour more drain cleaner down the pipe, you are increasing the risk even further. In addition, should the pipe burst, you can actually get burnt by the chemicals that have been sitting in your drains.

After 25 years in the drain cleaning business we haven’t had a problem we couldn’t fix and we do it with a professional staff. We will be quick, clean and kind in our effect to get your house back on track so before you try and take this on yourself call our team. Let us take this one on at A1 Columbia Plumbing Heating & AC!

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