Why Winter Brings Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage disposal repairs are universal. Fixing them is a constant battle for everyone, not just us in the Columbia area.

But winter always brings a unique set of problems. Especially around the Holiday season. We wanted to give you a few tips to avoid garbage disposal repairs this season. So here you go!

Avoid Certain Waste Material

Certain kinds of waste are actually harmful to the garbage disposal, like fats, oils, and grease. Grandma’s leftover turkey and stuffing? Yea, it’s full of this stuff. These three materials, known as FOG, can congeal and clog up the disposal once they are poured into it. So put the side dishes in the trash, not the disposal.

Bones, ice, and other hard materials can break the impeller in the disposal, rendering it useless. Did you end up with some turkey or ham bones in your fridge? Don’t try and stuff them down the disposal. They aren’t made to chop up hard stuff. It’s best to avoid putting these kinds of things into the disposal, and to throw them away instead. A day or two of stinky trash it better than having all your leftovers stuck in the sink, causing a repair bill.

Do Some Basic Maintenance

As with most systems, the very best thing you could do for your garbage disposal system is to schedule preventive maintenance for it, and we are always available to meet your schedule. Preventive maintenance allows us to find and fix issues with the system before they get nasty and grow out of control, and cause even more damage than usual. Annual preventive maintenance can save you quite a bit of money on repair costs overall, and in the long run you will avoid any untimely breakdowns. Seriously, nobody wants to see us on Christmas Day.

Little know fact…It can even extend the life of your disposal by several years. Just a little maintenance can stave off the need for a new system by as much as a decade!

Trust The Pros

If you are a DIY person, great. If you have any reservation at all about garbage disposal repairs, please call the pros! You can lose a finger, slice a hand, or just make a giant mess if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. We server the greater Columbia Missouri area 365 days a year. Seriously, call us anytime! Happy Holidays!

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