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Common Furnace Issues in Columbia Missouri

furnace that needs replaced and repaired.

If you’re a home­owner or renter in Colum­bia, MO and you’re hav­ing prob­lems with your fur­nace, you can usu­ally tie it back to one of the issues below. Here’s the list as we see it: Poor main­te­nance: If you don’t reg­u­larly inspect

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Your HVAC maintenance checklist

Sum­mer here on Colum­bia is draw­ing to a close. School is back in ses­sion and the weather is start­ing to turn. But, before you know it, it’ll be time to fire up the heat­ing por­tion of your HVAC sys­tem. It’s

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Furnaces

things about furnaces

Fur­naces. Who really knows about ‘em? Who really WANTS to know about ‘em? Well, we do for one. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about your fur­nace. A lit­tle light read­ing if you will: Almost Every Home Has a Fur­nace Accord­ing

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Furnace Repair Season Is Here!

Look, the weather is turn­ing, it’s gor­geous outside…but that doesn’t last long here in Colum­bia. Right on it’s tail is the nasty, long and absurdly cold win­ters that we’re all accus­tomed to. So, get pre­pared. Make sure that your HVAC

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When To Replace Your Old Furnace

a high effeciency furnace is placed in a Missouri home

When the wind picks up, it’s time to start look­ing at your old fur­nace.  Pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance is always a good idea.  Plus, it can help answer the impor­tant ques­tion of “when is it time to buy a new one?” Well, it’s

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What Makes A Furnace Energy Efficient?

What Makes A Fur­nace Energy Effi­cient?   Curi­ous what makes your fur­nace energy effi­cient?  Alot of things.  Before you con­sider the need to replace your fur­nace with a cheap model, con­sider what’s writ­ten below.  It just may change your mind!

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Welcome to the A1 Plumbing, Heating and AC Blog!

Wel­come to the inau­gural post for the A1 Plumb­ing, Heat­ing and AC blog! We’re proud to be a 20 year mem­ber of the Colum­bia, MO com­mu­nity. In the future we’ll be using this blog as an out­let to share impor­tant

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