Dealing With Summer Plumbing Emergencies

Summer can bring it’s own special brand of plumbing emergencies. Here’s a few below, and how to handle them…

1) Scalding hot water – Boiling or scalding water is an emergency for many reasons. If you have children, you need to take special precautions. This probably means that something has gone array with the water tank. Keep them away from the tank, and from any faucets and outlets while you work.

First, go to the breaker box and shut down the tank. You can also just let the hot water run until the tank drains and the water runs cold. If the hot water tank is old, it may be worth replacing it. It’s probably an element or a thermostat problem. Since a water tank is electricity and water together, it’s best to call for help!

2) Overflowing toilet – The old saying goes, “Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall.” That’s all fine and good until its water from the toilet! People freak out more about the commode than they do most plumbing issues. Visions of human waste flood their mind and send chills up their spin. Thankfully, most of the time the water stops just before it spills over. But then again there are those few times when it does come flooding out.

You need to shut off the water. This can be done at the base of the toilet or at the main location. You can also reach into the back of the toilet and life the ball to allow it to stop filling up. Using a plunger usually does the trick, but if not, you may need the help from emergency plumbing services to get your drains running clear.

3) Busted sewer lines – If you are in an area that tends to get a lot of summertime thunderstorms, that could result in a backup of your sewer lines. In addition, tree roots can invade those lines and cause a major obstruction. Have a plumber give this part of your plumbing system a thorough once-over to see if there are any signs of problems. This is not a DIY fix, even for DIY super-heros.

Like we always say, it’s best to try to resolve your plumbing issues. However, when you’re in over your head, call for emergency plumbing services. We’re available 24/7, 7 days a week. Enjoy your summer, Columbia!

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